Where can I buy a blinker box for tree lights?

I went to two different stores and couldnt find blinking christmas lights for our tree anywhere! But a man that worked at one of the stores told me to get a blinker box to attach to the lights. But now I have no clue as to where to buy this box! Neither of the stores I went to have the box either. Would home depot have it? If not where could I buy one?

Why is there LEAD in Christmas tree lights!!???? YIKES!?

Has anyone read the "Prop 65" warnings on the back of Christmas tree light boxes ???!! Oh my goodness!

They are warning that the plastic coating contains LEAD and that it can cause reproductive and birth defects.. and can cause cancer! Its in all Walmart stores under the brand "Holiday Time" Other stores carry different brands, and they all have the warning!

Why do they allow this?????????????????????????????? These are NOT! the old ones these are brand new and the local TV stations have done stories on this

Scary, huh?

Is it too early for Xmas tree and lights?

My Wife and Daughter coerce me, every year to put em up week after ThanksgivingI think they dry out too early and are a fire hazard!

Can anyone tell me how to determine how many outdoor Christmas tree lights are needed based on the size of the?

Great Times with Toddlers

Parents of toddlers are people who understand just how much fun and discovery can occur in a single day. Toddlers can keep parents busy at almost every waking moment. For this reason, it is a great parenting tool to keep a handy list of crafts, games as well as other activities you can enjoy with your toddler. The time you spend with your child now creates a strong foundation for later, when they become eye-rolling teenagers. Luckily, toddlers dont care if youre situated in real estate in Boulder or if you live right on the beach Where you live only makes a difference in when you get to enjoy certain types of activites, and where you enjoy them. Consequently, its a smart idea to find activities for you and your toddler that will be suitable for indoors and some that are suitable for outdoors. Some areas, luckily, can enjoy great outdoor weather all throughout the year. Some areas, like Fort Collins real estate, may have a harsher winter where parents need to entertain indoors more often. Sometimes you just really want to play inside the house! Here are some great examples of activities and games that you can employ to keep your toddler occupied and happy.

One on One Activities

Through regular and engaged play with a toddler, you not only develop a close bone but also take advantage of valuable teaching time. An easy stand by activity for toddler is dress-up. Its easy to understand why toddlers love to play dress-up; as this activity allows them to mimic mom or dad. Mom and dads old clothes, ties, jewelry and shoes make for the perfect dress-up costumes. For a real treat, add costumes like princesses, policemen and doctors to your toy chest. Toddlers are innately inquisitive, and so you can find simple recipes or crafts to do with them indoors during chilly days if you live in an area like Seattle or real estate in Boulder Colorado . Provide hours of fun by mixing up your own dough with your toddler. For extra fun, you could make a few small rolls of the dough and add different colors with a few drops of food coloring. Allow your toddler to roll and fool around with the dough; or for some real fun, have your toddler make an impression of their handprint into the dough and then bake it to preserve it!

Group Activities

Lets say your home is in Fort Collins real estate in Colorado, and its a beautiful summer day, and your turn to host a play date. A visit to the nearest park, or even straight out to your backyard, may enable you to get a group game such as Barnyard going.
One of the roles in Barnyard is that of the Farmer, which will be asisgned by the supervising adult. To make the game easier for younger players, consider handing out images of the animals they may be asked to become. Instruct each player that they will make the sound of their given animal once the game begins; such as the cluck of a chicken or the nay of a horse. Once the game starts, all players begin making the sound of their assigned animal. Players group together with others who are making the same sounds as them. The first team to herd their flock wins! This may be noisy; but its certainly fun!

Should I go to universal or Disney for christmas?

Me and my boyfriend are planning a trip to orlando before he leaves for boot camp in jan 2012. I want to go to a place the most magical and fun for the amount of money being spent. i want to feel the christmas feelings and happiness with my boyfriend. Please describe your experience at either one please thank you

Who thinks it is mean to give someone a Christmas gift the next day they return it saying that they hated it?

Who thinks it is mean to give someone a Christmas gift & the next day they return it saying that they hated it?

Do you think its mean if you give someone a gift and they return it the next day saying they hated it?

Doesnt it get you pissed off and fired up that you took and set aside valuable time to look for,pay for with your own money and nicely wrap it,only to get it back.

Do white icicle lights look good on a Christmas tree?

I am getting ready to put the lights on the tree, and came across some white icicle lights , I know they usually go in a window or something but do you think they will go well on a Christmas tree?

I am buying a PSP as a Christmas gift for my husband. What do I get?

What is absolutely needed to enjoy this gift on Christmas morning? I have seen two different "bundles" that may be a good idea. One is a Madden bundle with a blue PSP. Do guys care about color? The other is a "Ratchet and Clank" bundle which I think comes with a black PSP. I have no idea which is better. He is a big sports fan, but he does have a Madden game for playing on the TV. Any advice?

Good Christmas decorating business names?

I want to start a businees where we decorate peoples houses during christmas. I need a good name to use for a website. It needs to be clever!

Is it all right to get one Christmas gift for both parents?

I have always given my parents separate Christmas presents, because they have separate tastes.
However, this year I dont have as much money to spare (as it is my first year at college and I cant find a job on campus), and I want to buy them just one gift that I know they will both like. Will they be offended if I give them just the one gift?

With some strings of Christmas tree lights, if one bulb burns out?

The entire string of lights is no longer illuminated. This is because:

  • A. the string of lights is a parallel circuit and one burned out bulb breaks the circuit
  • B. all of the bulbs have burned out
  • C. the string of lights is a series circuit and one burned out bulb breaks out the circuit